H/V Head Turret Milling Machine(X6332B, X6332C, XL6336)

Product ID: LUNAN

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Specifications XL6336 X6332B X6332C
Spindle taper: ISO40(Vertical) ISO40 ISO40
ISO50(Horizontal) ISO40 ISO40
Distance from Vertical spindle to worktable(mm) 135-485 155-455 155-450
Distance from horizontal spindle to worktable(mm) 0-350 0-300 0-300
Distance from horizontal spindle to supporting(mm) 230 190 190
Spindle speed range(r. p.m.) 75-3500(Vertical) 76-6980rpm 76-6980
60-1800(Horizontal) 60-1350 60-1350
Table size(mm) 1250x360 1250x320 1250x320
Max. Travel of table 1000X300X350mm 600x300x300 800x300x300
Arm travel 500mm 500 500
Main motor 5.5kw(V.) 4kw(H.) 3.7kw(V.) 2kw(H.) 3.7kw(V.) 2kw(H.)
Overall dimension(mm) 2220X1790X2360 1700x1520x2260 1820x1520x2270
G. W/N. W(Kg) 2700/2500 1750/1950 1850/2050
  • Model:
    • X6332B, X6332C, XL6336
  • Features:
    • 7.5or 5 hp mill head.
  • ISO9001:2000
  • CE

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