Fuel injector cleaner&analyzer

Product ID: ECM-V6

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1.It can inspect the leaking,blocking,atomization,the angle state of the injector ,also the amount and the uniformity of spraying oil when the injectors are at different rotate speed.
2.It can simulate the accelerating or decelerating state of engine optionally.
3.with constant current and ensure automatic device to regulate the current and voltage . ensure to inspect fuel injector at any mode such as high resistor、low resistor、electric voltage and electric current.
4.Equipped with high level and low level liquid indicator.
5.Various connectors suit for different types of fuel injectors,including standard Hose/Tail tyoe,K type,TBI type and customized type.
6.Can diagnose the quality and and difference of the fuel injector ,and the shortest cycle of switch.
7.the working state of injector is observed with the back light.
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