glowing,neon wire,and be used for decoration

glowing,neon wire,and be used for decoration

Fume Extraction Equipment

Product ID: HF200

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For several years, Hanson has been working on the R&D of electronic products. We
integrate worldwide advancing technology into our local products and developed several
excellent products.
Hanson fume extraction systems are one of our best systems used for purifying working
environment. It is quiet, powerful and efficient and enjoys a good reputation among our

Protects the health of personnel
Static-safe fume extraction arms
Real time airflow measurement.
Long life filters.
Fully mobile
Compact and quiet.
Ensures compliance with local and international health and safety regulations
Removes solvent odors.
Prevents medical conditions caused by solvent fumes such as nausea, fatigue and
Submicron HEPA filter technology
Fully mobile stainless steel cabinets
Extra long life filters
Airflow is adjustable meet different requirement
Very easy to install and remove
CE certification

High volume extraction systems
Application: used for wave soldering, reflow, manually soldering, hot strip, coating, toxicant gases and so on.
Multi soldering-station fume extraction systems
Double arms fume extraction unit
Volume Extraction Attachment
  • 9001

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