Refrigerant gas leak detector

Product ID: HLD-201

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The HLD-201 HALOGEN leak detector adopt advanced digital circuit and micro processor control system, it’s one of the most steady, sensitive products in our company. High-tech CPU core’s digital signal process ability can manage circuit and process detected signal much better. More integrate circuit adopted in this product, so more than 40% electronic components had been reduced and work more effective, reliable. Micro processor detect sensing tip and power voltage at speed of 6000 time/s which can catch very feeble signal, so it make the halogen leak detector perform best sensitivity and reliability.
Gradual change Sound & message alarm system indicate leak which make detector work more easy and visible.
  • Dimensions
    • 22.9CM×6.5CM×6.5CM
  • Batteries
    • 2×1.5V′AA′Alkaline Batteries(3VDC)
  • Battery Life
    • 40 hours
  • Sensitivity
    • <3g / year (0.1 oz / yr)
  • Sensor lifetime
    • approx. 30 hours
  • 1.
    • •Adopt the most advanced digital signal process ability micro processor control system
  • •Built-in micro pump. Collect sample and ‘ZERO’ function
  • •6 level sensitivity can be set
    • 2.
      • • Voltage indicator. Auto batteries voltage test function
    • • Mute function
    • • Gradual change sound & message alarm
    • • Touch keyboard
      • 3.
        • • 14″(35.5cm) stainless steel flexible probe
      • • Cordless, easy to take. 2‘AA’batteries used
      • • High strength packing box protect products
      • • Can be used for all halogen refrigerants

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