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Textile Lab Equipments:- We deal in Textile Equipment used for AATCC, ASTM, M&S ISO Xenon Light Fastness Tester for recommended methods

Lab Equipment :-like Perspiration tester, Light Fastness tester, Yarn Examining Machine, Tumble pilling Tester, Washing Fastness Tester, Elmendorf Tearing Tester, ICI Pilling tester, (IR) Infrared Dyeing Lab Padder, Light Both Color Matching Cabinet, Lab Tenter, Twist Tester manual, Twist tester Electronic, Bursting Tester, Wrap Reel Manual, Wrap Reel Electronic, Padding mangle, Perspiration Tester & Incubator, Crockmeter Manual, Crockmeter Electronic, Perspirometer Universal Tensile Tester, Lab humidifier, Lab conditioning chamber, Lab Ovens, ISO and AATCC washing fastness tester, Oscillating dyeing, Digital Refractrometer, Hand held Refractrometer Sample Cutter, GSM cutter Balance.

Textile Lab Consumables for AATCC, Consumable for SDC, Consumable for ISO

Dairy Foods equipment: New and used butter, margarine forming, wrapping, packing, filling and production machinery. We provide installation, maintenance, on site trouble shooting and training facilities.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of textile and Dairy and filling wrapping machinery. Our specially trained engineers from Europe and USA can help you in setting up of your textile Lab requirements and repair maintenance of your lab instrument.

Installation repair maintenance of Dairy, butter filling packing machinery.

Advisory services for Dairy plant and Textile laboratory designing and expansion.

Backup service and trouble shooting for Textile Lab and Dairy equipment. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians is fully equipped with sophisticated monitoring tools and fully capable of handling any upset at your site.

Customers may choose to take out a service contact to cover their equipment, or indeed it may be preferable to arrange for service and calibration visits as and when required.

Our flexibility allows for both scenarios without any penalties to the customer.

Our charges are amongst the lowest in the industry, with no expensive extras such as mileage allowance or engineers expenses.

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