Simado GFX888 Miltiport GSM to FXS and FXO Gateway with LCR

Product ID: GSM Gateway

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Simado GFX 888 is a Multi Channel GSM to PSTN Analog Gateway
Allows 8 Simultaneous Calls between GSM and PSTN Networks
No Need To Change PBX Configuration
LCR Can be Programmed in Gateway
No Need of Additional Analog Ports in PBX

Hardware Features:
Power Fail Transfer
Quad Band Operation
Real Time Clock (RTC)
SLIC Based Design
SMT Technology
Universal Input SMPS
Wall and Table-Top Mounting

Software Features:
Allowed-Denied Lists
Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Number Translation
Call Detail Recording (CDR)
Call Divert
Call Duration Control (CDC)
Call Proceeding Tone
Call Progress Tone
Calling Party Control
Day Light Saving
Emergency Number Dialing
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Fixed Number Dialing
IMEI Number
Location Information Indication
Network Selection
Password Protection
Relax Delay Timer
Remote Programming
Routing Group
Routing Type
Software Version / Revision Display
Time Table
Voice Prompts

Stand-alone Application
With PBX Application
Stand-alone + PBX Application
  • Specifications
    • QUAD BAND (850/900/1800/1900MHz), Compliance - ETSI GSM Phase 2+, Switching - PCM/TDM ( 128x128), Auto Attendant - 16 voice modules of 16S each, Power Supply - Universal SMPS, 90VAC to 265VAC @ 47-63Hz, Power Consumption - 25W ( Typical)
  • Compact And Sturdy
    • Modular Design
  • SLIC and SMT Design
  • Less Heat Generation
  • Dual Protection
  • Powder Coated Aluminum System Sub-Rack
  • Wall and Table Top Mounting
  • 19" Sub-Rack Enclosure
    • Digital Switching
      • PCM-TDM Technology
    • 128 x 128 Digital Switching matrix
    • Dedicated DTMF circuits for each Port
    • Simultaneous Dialing and Receiving of Calls
    • Truly 100% Non-Blocking
      • Power Fail Transfer
        • During Power Failure, FXO (CO Trunks) Ports are Connected to FXS Ports Directly
      • On Resumption of Power, Normal Operation Starts
      • Change Over from Normal to Power Down and
      • vice-versa is Automatic
      • Provides Un-interrupted Communication as it Acts as Back-up Lines
        • Quad Band Operation
          • Supports Quad Band Operation:
        • GSM 850 MHz
        • EGSM 900 MHz
        • DCS 1800 MHz
        • PCS 900 MHz
        • Compatible with Any GSM Network
        • Gives Flexibility to Choose Any Service Provider
        • No Limitation in Selecting Service Provider
  • Allowed and Denied Lists (In-built)
    • Useful to Control Telephone Call Cost
  • Avoids Misuse of Long Distance and
  • International Calls
  • Specific Numbers can be Allowed to Call
  • Specific Numbers can be Restricted to Call
  • Flexibility to Define 16 Allowed List
  • Flexibility to Define 16 Denied List
  • Each List Can Contain 24 Numbers of a maximum of 16 Digits
    • Automatic Call Distribution
      • Automatic Distribution of Incoming Calls
    • Call Distribution Based on First Free, Round Robin, Etc...
    • Optimal use of Available Resources
    • Useful for High Calling Traffic Organization
      • Automatic Number Translation (ANT)
        • Modifies Dialed Number or Part Of Number to Match with Numbering Plan of Destination GSM Network
      • GSM Port Receives Dialed Number e.g. 952652630555
      • 95 Number String is Invalid for GSM Network
      • ANT features Replaces '95' by '91' and 911265263055 is Dialed out
      • 24 Numbers are Allowed to Program for ANT Feature
        • Voice Message Prompts
          • Caller can be Greeted and Guided with Pre-Recorded
        • Voice Prompts
        • System supports 256 Seconds of Voice Recording
        • A Voice Prompts Can be of 16 Seconds
        • 16 Different Voice Prompts Can be Recorded
        • Voice Prompts Can be used for Call Progress Tones,
        • Guidance Menu
        • These Prompts can be used during the Programming
          • Time Table
            • Allows User to Make a Call from Specific Port at a Specific
          • Time Zone
          • Flexibility to Receive Call on Port 1 During Time Zone 1 and
          • on Port 2 During Time Zone 2
          • Maximum 8 Time Tables
          • Time Table Can be Assigned to Each FXS / FXO / GSM Ports

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