Fingerpint lock, biometric lock

Product ID: FP-16

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1. It is a 60~70mm adjustable single latch fingerprint lock.
2. The design is very good. It adopts stand-alone clutch. It is very easy to maintain.
3. It is free handle design. This can protect the inner structure to prolong its service life.
4. The lock adopts the most advanced electrical magnet clutch, so it works very quiet.
5. There is low voltage alarm; it will remind you to change battery in time.
6. There is also 9V external power supply. When there is no power with the batteries, you can use a 9V battery to supply power from outside of the lock.
7. The program is reasonable and visible.
8. There is LED display to show the ID number and it make the operation easy.
9. It is very easy to install it.
10. The handle direction is reviser able. End users can change the handle direction in 20 second.
11. There is a group PIN Code for emergency usage.
12. It adopts six pins cylinder, both for residential and commercial application.
13. Three ways to unlock: fingerprint, PIN code, Metal key

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