high sensivitity metal detector

high sensivitity metal detector

ground metal detector GPX 4500F

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Model:GPX-4500Fgold detector
Main features
High-brightness LED panel can generally displays the detected metal type according to the signal strength.
The all-metal detection mode is suitable for searching metal objects on the ground,and can be simple recognition of metals.
In addition to LED panel display,it can distinguish metal type by tones
9.5-inch disk waterproof probe that can detect in the shallow water.
Equipped with an external headphone jack,connected to a single-channel headphones
(headset-owned),easy to use,built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, a low-voltage t function,with charger,worked continuously for more than ten hours when full of power.
Depth: 1.5-3.5m
Signal Frequency: 9.6KHZ
Audio Frequency: 400KHZ
Power Supply:DC12v(Built-in rechargeable battery)
Power consumption:0.8w
Connecting Rod Length:1.3m
Coil dimension:40cm
Net weight: 2.6 kg
Gross Weight: 7.5kg
Package Size: 600*360*160mm
Warranty : 12 month
  • Detecting depth
    • 1.5-3.5 m,based on detecting as small as a 25 cents coin.
  • Gross weight
    • 7.5 kg
  • package
    • packed by carton, the size of one pc is 600*360*160mm
  • detecting depth
    • 1.5-3.5 m
  • Signal Frequency
    • Signal Frequency: 9.6KHZ
  • Warranty
    • 12 month
  • ISO 9001
  • CE

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