Large Format Printer Printhead Cleaner(Xaar 128)

Product ID: Xaar

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This product are made for piezo 128 print head cleaning processing, usually the printhead

can be cleaned in a few minute and back to work again like usual before it was. To make

cleaning process upon print head is very important, because this can make the life of print

head much longer, and decrease the waste clog time, and to get the low cost.

Every kind of large or small format plotter that use Xaar 128 print head all can use the

Xaar print head cleaner. Now it is adapt for Xaar Jet、MIT INKJET...etc.

Function Parameter Guideline

1 Input electricity---------- AC220V/50Hz

2 Voltage ---------- DC5V

3 Power ---------- 15W

4 Cleaning Frequency ---------- 8KHz

5 Biggest setting hour---------- 15minute

6 Maintain 4 pc of print head at the same time.

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