Meder Magnetic Reed Switch Series

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Reed switches consist of two ferromagnetic blades of iron and nickel, hermetically sealed in a glass capsule. The switches are actuated through the introduction or removal of a magnetic field and are for use in wet and dirty environments.
  • High Frequency Switches
    • KSK-1A53 and KSK-1A54 are SPST Switches used for switching high frequency.
  • Bistable Latching Reed Switches
    • A Latch Switch is a magnetically biased SPST Switch that will stay on by itself once it is switched on. A Latching switch is also called a bistable switch.
  • Custom Reed Switches
    • Reed Switches can be sorted by magnetic sensitivity range and cut & bent for various PCB surface mount applications. Offered in SPST Switch and SPDT Switch options.
  • Surface Mount Reed Switches
    • MK23 are SMT surface mount Reed Switches available in SPST and SPDT, various glass lengths and lead-designs, with flat or round contact leads.
  • OKI Reed Switches
    • OKI reed switches, from normally-open (NO) SPST Switch ORD211 to ORD9216 and the SPDT Switch ORT551 are available.
  • Standard Reed Switches
    • SPST Magnetic Reed Switches, KSK-1A35, KSK-1A46, KSK-1A66 and KSK-1A87 are the most popular all purpose reed switches with glass dimensions ranging from 7mm-14mm.
  • Miniature Reed Switches
    • SPST Switch, KSK-1A80 and STM4 are the smallest miniature reed switches currently available. Our STM4 has a 4mm glass dimension and it is the smallest in the industry.
  • High Power Reed Switches
    • High Power Swtiches KSK-1A52, KSK-1A55, KSK-1A71/6 and KSK-1A85 are SPST Magnetic Reed Switches used for high power switching applications.
  • High Voltage Reed Switches
    • High Voltage Switch KSK-1A69 and KSK-1A83 are SPST Magnetic Reed Switches used for switching high voltage applications.
  • SPDT Reed Switches
    • KSK-1C90U and KSK-1C90F are SPDT Switches, and are also used as a Form-B, normally-closed switch (NC).

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