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Reed sensors are magnetically actuated proximity switches available in a variety of mounting options. The switching function is activated by the introduction or removal of a magnetic field.
  • Rectangular Reed Sensors
    • MK02, MK04, MK05, MK12, MK13 and MK21 are screw fastened flange mount reed sensors in rectangular housings with cable terminals. SPST Switch and SPDT Switch options.
  • Cylindrical Reed Sensors
    • MK03, MK14, MK18 and MK20/1 are cylindrically-shaped sensors with cable terminals. SPST Switch and SPDT switch options.
  • Threaded Reed Sensors
    • MK07, MK11 and MK11/M8 are cylindrical sensors with an external threaded section. From metal or plastic and fitted with cable terminals.
  • Through-Hole Reed Sensors
    • MK06 are plastic encapsulated reed sensors for through-hole mounting on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Sizes range from 4mm-10mm.
  • Surface Mount Reed Sensors
    • MK01, MK15, MK16, MK17, MK22, MK23, MK24 and MMS have diverse range of lengths and different designs for surface mounting.
  • Ex-approved Reed Sensors
    • MK08 and MK25 have ATEX approval for use in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.
  • Latching Reed Sensors
    • MK06-6-BV sensors are magnetically biased switches with a bistable/latching function and defined polarization.
  • Panel Mount Reed Sensors
    • MK02, MK03, MK04, MK05, MK07, MK12, MK13, MK11, MK11/M8, MK14, MK18, MK20/1 and MK21 are for general use or installations with cable terminals.
  • Metal Detection Reed Sensors
    • MK02 doesn’t require an actuating magnet, operating when in close proximity to a magnetically conductive material, e.g. a piece of iron.
  • Magnets in Housings
    • M02, M04, M05, M06, M11, M11/8, M12, M13 and M21 are AINiCo-Magnets mounted in plastic casings with mounting holes for screw fastening.

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