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Product ID: DJ-26-16

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Computerized Jacquard Knitting Carpet Machine (DJ-26-16), it is first time created 2m width new type carpet weaving Machine-Daily most output is 200m. electric consume less than 1kw/h, it is a high efficiency and low power consume carpet knitting machine. Every shift is need only one worker to operate even no tail yarn waste. The machine equipped Yarn broken protect fitting yarn finishing automatic stop function.

Product Description:
Size: DJ-26-16
Needle cylinder diameter:26 inch
Needle grade: 11grade
Total needles: 880 needles
Taking yarn number: 20
Running speed of cylinder: 15 turn/min
Turning direction: counter-clock wise
Loop height: 5-10mm
Pile height: 7-12mm
Weight of per square meter: 800-2000g/m2
Motor power: 1.5kw
Operation: computer control
Yarn broken protect: have
Over loading protect: have
Pattern design: special CAD software
Occupy area: 8 m2
Machine net height: 2.5m
Installation power: 1.8kw
Carpet width: 2m

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