SJ-A High and low-density blowing film machine

Product ID: SJ-A45

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1. Suitable Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
2. the machine body is U-Steel frame. and the main machine is collocated with low-center gear box, with advantages of stable transmission, large torque, and convenient repair.
3. the machine cylinder and screw adopt 38 crmoala alloy steel, after nitrogen treatment, it has high rigidity, good anti-corrosive performance and is rather durable.
4. during heating course, this machine can automatically control and regulate temperature according to craft requirements, with simple operation.
5. the traction device is stepless speed regulation, with board regulation range, stable and reliable.
6. ordered twisting, and is convenient to replace.
7. Optional equipment
Double winder
Rotary die head
Auto loader
Double lip air ring
Air shaft
Corona treatment
Fast screen changer
Air compressor
All roller pneumatic type

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