UFO EAS hard tag

UFO EAS hard tag

UFO tag EAS hard tag

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UFO tag EAS hard tag
Color: White/Grey/Black or Customize
Hard Tags, made by high-quality materials, excel for high Q-factor value, strong radio signal and durability. Hard Tags are attached to garments or other merchandise with a pin or lanyard (steel cable). 3 kinds of lock system are provided by our company: standard, strong and LockTM. A wide range of frequency is from 1.95Mhz to 16Mhz.The various color includes white, black and gray etc. And we also accept the order of customized production to meet customer’s requirement.
Our products includes in Big Square tag, Small Square tag, UFO tag, Ink tag, Water Drop tag, Napoleon tag, Big Pencil tag, Middle UFO 50 tag, Middle/Small Golf tag, Art Tag, Bottle tag, Milk Powder tag and Pins. All are excellent quality and good price.
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Contact Person: Miss Ada
Email: selleas@yahoo.com
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Skype: missada_happy
Mobilephone: 0086-13524589892
Website: www.easwb.com.cn
  • • Dimension
    • 390x350x250mm
  • Frequency
    • 8.2Mhz
  • Weight
    • 9.5/11KG

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