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able to customize according to related drawing or samples, and give it special processing to achieve some effects. contact us
  • 5gallon pailnt pail mould
    • China Zhejiang Huangyan Mingsheng Plastic Mould Factory were specialized in manufacturing and developing injection mould.
  • Our moulds are widely use in plastic industry, plastic kitchenware and household goods, plastic daily necessity products, electric goods,thin wall products ect. They are including Plastic injection mould, plastic kitchenware and household mould, daily necessity mould, plastic flower pot mould, food storage container mould, electric goods mould, plastic bucket moulds; basket mould; drawer mould; cup mould, paint pail mould etc.
  • pail mould
    • 1) We adopt the advanced custom hot runner system and high quality steels
  • in order to keep in outstand mold quality
  • 2) The power digital modeling tools and the world first rate CAM technology guarantee the precision of plastic finishing
    • thin wall barrel mould
    • Vegetable Basket Mould
    • thin walls containers
      • Plastic Daily Necessity Moulds,
    • Plastic Daily Necessity Moulds

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