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MuStation(Multi-user Station)is an unique networking device using WoIP(Windows over IP) based on networking standards.

1 display+1 mouse+1 keyboard+1 Net Computer =1 completed pc (without host pc) Save cost of buying host pc!

Mustation could turn 1 pc into 2-32 pc or more .It is new invention at the computer field. It has a good future at the computer field. Mustation has some character better than general computer.
  • 1) Power:
    • AC100V ~ AC250V 50 / 60 Hz, 5V / 2A
  • 2) Size:
    • 242mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 133mm (D)
  • 3) Weight:
    • 700g(800A/500A);500-600g(300A/301A)
  • 4) Front:
    • Windows for "Power", "LAN", "Ready" status
  • 5) Port:
    • USB flash memory(MuStation 800A/500A/900A), DC Power Jack, Speaker Jack, PS2 Keyboard Port, PS2 Mouse Port, Ethernet ( RJ- 45) Port, VGA Monitor Port.
  • Savings to the total cost of owners
    • Savings to the total cost of ownership
  • Compared with the total cost of ownership for individual computers, the total cost of ownership for each device is minimal. Purchasing one host computer and multiple MuStation as needed, would allow for 11 individual users access for a small price.
    • Compatibility:
      • Most programs that currently run on windows will run on the MuStation solution without compatibility issues. (3D games and certain programs may not run on the MuStation)
    • Simultaneous User Operation:
      • Both the Host PC and the MuStation can run independently and execute the same applications independently. (Additional Software licenses may be required)
    • Small sleek design:
      • The space saving design creates more room for your office or desk area.
    • Energy efficient:
      • Consuming 5watts or lower compared to a personal computer's over 250 watts can amount to a significant savings in the long term.

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