Dental Handpiece Series

Dental Handpiece Series

Dental 2/4 Hole High Speed Handpiece Set (MD-2004)

Product ID: MD-2004

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Name: Ski 2/4 Hole Torque High Speed Handpiece
Specification: Ski-203 M2/4
1 Durable
Fastidiously request for designation technology and materials.
2 Steady
No vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
3. Autoclavable
Suitable for disinfection of high-temperature steam at 135° , conform to modern clinical requirement.

1. Special silencer for quiet operation, below 66 decibels
2.6 months warranty
3. Fully Autoclavable
4. The streamlined design feels comfortable in hand reducing fatigue
5. The precision metal chuck ensures maximum concentricity of bur and proves for better wear and breakage proof, thus longer service life
6. Economical alternative in high speed handpieces

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