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Aloe vera is one of the oldest known medicinal plants gifted by nature. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant with health benefits so myriad and astounding that hardly any part of human body remains that is not influenced by its healing touch. Its a life-saving plant. It is one of the most astounding gifts of nature, and it belongs in the first aid kit and medicine cabinet of every home in America. Aloe vera often called Miracle plant known by many names, there are over 200 types of Aloe vera of these only 4 or 5 are commonly used in medicines. From being a natural fighter against all sorts of infection, an efficient anti-oxidant to helping in all digestion related problems, arthritis, stress, diabetes, cancer, AIDS to being an enhancer of beauty, Aloe has been proved by research to be a plant of amazing medicinal properties.
  • 1: 1 Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice
    • The whole leaf extract galvanizes the cells of immune system. The phagocytes increase their scavenging activities, thus cleansing the body and kicking off a whole cascade of protective actions which strengthen immunity.
  • 10: 1 Aloe Vera leaf Concentrate
    • Research work carried out over the years points conclusively that aloe juice helps in digestive disorders. Constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome etc are cured by the flushing action. The deposits of toxins and unwanted substances in our diet which keep accumulating in intestines prevent the absorption of essential nutrients causing nutritional deficiency, lethargy, constipation, lower back ache. Aloe juice helps flush out these residues boosting the digestion and giving a greater feeling of well-being.
  • 200: 1 AloeVera Gel Dried Powder
    • Once, a beauty arsenal of Cleopatra, today Aloe Vera is showing up as a main ingredient in cosmetic industry. It is one herb which can be used almost as freely as water on skin. Mixed with selected essential oils, it makes for excellent skin smoother and moisturizer, sun block lotion plus a whole range of beauty products.
  • 1: 1 Aloe Vera Gel Juice
    • It lowers glucose and tri-glyceride levels in diabetic patients. Effects can be seen from the second week of the treatment.
  • Different forms of raw aloe vera
    • We are specialized in the supply of raw Aloe Vera materials. All of our Aloe Vera gels, Aloe Vera whole leaf, concentrates and powders are tested and guaranteed to be biologically active.

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