Nature Neem Plant parts

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We do also prepare different neem plant parts that are used for different herbal medicines. Package is done as per the demands of our customers. Specific formulation such as Neem based shampoos, Neem pet shampoos are also done based on the specific demands of the customers
  • Nature Neem Seeds
    • Dried neem seeds from organic trees de-pulped
  • Nature Neem Kernel
    • Inner soft part of the neem seeds that is obtained by dehulling the dried neem seeds
  • Nature Neem leaves
    • Mature leaves from the organic trees dried in partial shade
  • Nature Neem Fruits
    • Matured fully ripened yellow from organic trees , cleaned from cleaned from foreign materials
  • Nature neem seed powder
    • Well dried and cleaned neem seeds that were powdered for enabling it for different uses

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Neem oil, Neem seed cake, karanja oil, Aloe vera, Pepper