paper slip sheet

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Slip sheet is used as a unit load support device in vehicle delivery and transportation of products.
Slip sheet tray as a substitute for traditional.High quality kraft paper from the multi-layer formed with good moisture and tear resistant capabilities and the traditional like the tray can be easily loaded into the tons of goods,such non-traditional the sense of tray packaging,the same as suitable for morden warehousing and transport .To save the cost of packing,space-saving storage and transportation.To save transport cost.
Paper skateboard as the fifties of last century,the food industry began to develop.Now in the USA each year more than 5-10 million paper skateboard in use.Paper slide relative to the pallet has many adwantages.They’re inexpensive,light weight,just occupying 1% of a pallet storage space,and easy to dispose of which means no need to repair and recovery costs.Paper skateboard to the market is still relatively new,but has more and more being used in the transport system which can be expexted to become the leading logistics paper skateboard products

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