plastic injection molding machine

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our machine can be used for all kinds of thermoplastics processing with tree ways of operation:manual,semi-auto and automatic.

In addition, it is an energy-saving machine for we have adopted the most advanced technology to save power
  • HYF1280
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC. 2)clamping force:128t 3)Injection weight:205g 4)screw:40mm
  • HYW1380
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC.2)clamping force:138t 3)Injection weight:198g 4)screw:38mm
  • HYW680
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC.2)clamping force68t 3)Injection weight:85g 4)screw:30mm
  • HYW2680
    • Features:1) materials:ABS,PC,PVC,PP,ETC. 2)clamping force:268t 3)Injection weight:491g 4)screw:50mm
  • HYW5880
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC.2)clamping force:588t 3)Injection weight:1810g 4)screw:75mm
  • Excellent controlling system
    • a. special controller for plastic injection molding machine; all the main components are imported from famous company; PID temperature control, precise and stable. b. Precise Electronic ruler control for plastics injection and mold locking. d. Various alarming information. e. large- volume memory ,automatically storing and expanding the designated molding condition . f. to monitor production by making record of the adjustment of production layout and machine parameters
  • High- capability hydraulic system
    • sophisticated proportional variable pump technology, configured with imported high -performance loading& sensitive proportional variable pump, whole high-performance hydraulic return circuit, and reasonably designed hydraulic control valve with less pressure loss and high degree of integration, from famous companies, for example, YUKEN(Japan), REXROTH(Germany),etc., improving operative speed, response capability and stability of the whole system which enables the machine to adjust flow and pressure output automatically as the loading requested, reducing the loss resulting from underflow and overflow existing in normal hydraulic system, and also the power consuming. Compare to normal hydraulic system, proportional variable pump could reduce or save 20%-50 power (users can choose from variety of this system or normal hydraulic system accordingly)
  • Automatic lubricating system
    • Adopting volume- rationing and automatic oil- supplying system which can self-test automatically,Pipes of this machine are very simple, so no matter how far the lubricating point is , it can guarantee the lubricating of supplying oil .Besides, we can confirm working situation of the distributor by vision intuitively

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