plastic injection molding machine

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our machine can be used for all kinds of thermoplastics processing with tree ways of operation:manual,semi-auto and automatic.

In addition, it is an energy-saving machine for we have adopted the most advanced technology.
  • HYW1680
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC.2)clamping force:168t 3)Injection weight:265G 4)screw:42mm 5)open stike:420mm
  • HYW3880
    • Features:1)materials:ABS,PC,PVC,PP,etc. 2) clamping force:388t 3)Injection weight:1078 4)screw:65mm
  • HYF5000
    • Feature:1)materials:ABS,PVC,PC,PP,ETC. 2)clamping force:500t 3)Injection weight:1788g 4)screw:80mm

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