Fiber adaptor

Product ID: SC-APC

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The Fiber adaptor allows the user to perform optical measurements without terminating the fiber or optical component under test.  The Fiber adaptor are the ultimate time-saving solution for coupling unterminated fiber or optical components to test equipment. By allowing the user to perform optical measurements without cleaving or terminating, which requires additional equipment and procedures, the overall test time can be reduced by 50 percent. The low loss and highly repeatable adaptorion made using the Fiberadaptor is similar to that of adaptororized fibers or components.  The Fiberadaptor is suited for a variety of multimode or single-mode applications. It is offered with UPC or APC polish in an assortment of adaptoror styles. For added convenience, the Fiber adaptor can be attached to a smooth surface with either the integrated magnetic mount or the supplied suction-cup base.
.Fiber adaptor