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Product ID: AP-SJ-0001A

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1) Handset Detangler offers a final solution to twisted telephone cord problems .
2) With the superior function Handset Detangler design, telephone cords can be rotated in every possible way, with tangling.
3) On top of that, gold plated metal contacts within the smart invention prevent any quality loss of the sound.
4) Using only the best materials, the Handset Detangler is a very valuable long life addition to a telephone.
5) Added to for business gift
6) Once attached to a telephone the Handset Detangler will remind the user constantly and in a pleasant way of the one who provided him with his device.
  • Call Diverter
    • 1)Handset Detangler offers a final
  • 2)With the superior function Hands
  • 3)On top of that, gold plated meta
  • 4)Using only the best materials, t