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The Intelligent Imitative Aquarium in our company is designed for morden decoration,which is based on environmental concept. Wall-hung or floor-stood aquarium is compose of the same series of imitative garnishes (such as jellyfish, tropical fish, coral, rockwork and float grass, etc.) colorful sand, water and intelligent light-operated control. It is another little ocean world inside the Imitative aquarium. In the clear water, above the little sand, the imitative jellyfishes or the vivid tropical fishes are seem at ease around the soft float grass or shuttling through the strange rockwork. What a beautiful natural picture it is! It brings you the natural world of sea floor but without any harm to the protected carols.
*Wall-hung/floor stand
*AC12V power supply safety
*three-dimensional background rock replace the tradition painting
*three light to choose (white blue variety)
*Prevent change the water all year , keep the water clean
*auto cycle filter ,can raising live tropical fish ,coral fish and real grass
*adjustable dry and wet
* can lighting at night
* Concentrate on ornamental,decorate,advertisement,present.It is people's love electronic product
*take、transport、storage convenience,used easily
Mainly Used For:Company / Shop / Hotel / Canteen / Family (festival、celebrate、business、advertisement、etc as a gift)
.competitive price ($28)

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