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Weight: 50-70\70-90\90-120KG
Meas: 88X28.5X38.5(color box)
N.W/G.W: 7.5\9.6KG
Qty/: 20FCL:301Pcs
Qty/: 40FCL:623Pcs
Qty/: 40HQ:727Pcs

Payment methods:T/T
Volume:5000 per month
What is flyjumper?
A new sensation is here. The ability to jump 2 meters (6 feet) in the air and run with incredible speed. Enjoy incredible heights and speed with your Poweriser.
Flyjumper is defined mainly by a flat spring controlled upon deformation, so that the result is a straight movement relative to the ground. With the risers functional principle, depressive spring characteristic and backward movement of the force point during deformation are achieved. This supports the natural force point movement in the heels direction at higher loads and allows the runner to transpose his optimal jumping energy. Hence, you can really fly!
Flyjumper is recommeded...
1. Incredible experience through exciting sports is never seen before in the entertainment world.
2. Cultivate the new sprit of adventure to young people.
3. Train child's mind and body who is worn out by hard study or on-line game.
4. Good for loosing weight and physical exercise.
5. Build up the lower torso to skier or skate mania
.fashion jumper shoes

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