Non-Magnetic Drill Collar


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Shenlong's non-mag products include Non-Magnetic Drill Collar and Non-Magnetic Stabilizer. The material is Chrome Manganese Stainless Steel. High quality is guaranteed from beginning by strict material choosing and testing.
Materials of the Non-magnetic drill collars are from chrome manganese, low carbon alloy obtained by combining a proprietary chemical analysis and a rotary hammer process. The material is resistant to stress corrosion cracking, with high machine ability and no tendency to galling.
Magnetic permeability (when MPS=1 x 105/4 π Nm) relative max: 1.010
Magnetic field gradient (hot spots) Max: B 0.05microtesla/100mm
.Excellent Non-Magnetic Properties

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drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe, stabilizer, kelly, non-magnetic