Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

High Efficiency Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

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Adopting double-stage vacuum system which highly improves working vacuum value,ZYD Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier can rapidly and effectively remove water, gas, impurities as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, switch oil to improve oil's dielectric strength and optimize equipment perrmance.
This is an efficient and energy-saving oil purifier which you can not miss. Should this vacuum transformer oi purifier be of interest to you, please contact me:
Helen Huang,

1.Adopting double-stage vacuum system to highly improve working vacuum value.
2.Two vacuum separating chambers with efficient oil atomizing device to increase separating size and separating time and ensure the drying degree and improve dielectric strength which is higher than 70 KV.
3.A suitable purifier for on-line oil purification of substations over 110 KV.
4.Deeply purifying high-grade transformer oil and ultrahigh voltage transformer oil.
5.Independent function of vacuum oil filling and drying.
6. Duplex stereo evaporation technology
7.Multi-stage precision purification system; mesh filtration combined with molecule adsorption technology.
8.Efficient heating system to make heating uniformity and decrease power consumption.
9.Double-infrared liquid level controller
10.Interlocked protective system to connect oil pump, heater and liquid level controller.
If there has any fault, the purifier will be power off automatically.

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