In past 7 years, our mother company JINING TIANNONG MACHINE CO. LTD. mainly design, and build machines, plants, and turn-key production factories for the conditioning and compacting of many different products. Our pelletizing plants have been applied successfully for compacting organic products of different particle sizes, moisture contents, and bulk densities.

From 2004, we began to constantly develop our machines in order to satisfy the need of bio-fuel energy. Now our MZLH-Series pelletizing presses are particularly appropriate for products which are difficult to pellet, such as the Wood Waste (Logs, Wood Shavings, Wood Chips, Saw Dust), Straw (Miscanthus, Bagasse) and the other Biomasses. Our pelletizing presses with a drive power from 15kw to 160kw to make different size pellet. We plan and calculate wood/straw pelletizing plants according to the requirement of the customer considering the capacity and the local conditions between 1-8ton/1hour. Till now, we have completed 5 turn-key projects on wood pelletizing in China with 1-2ton/1hour; and exported 4 complete plants to Hungary, Sweden, Malaysia and Ukraine by the different domestic trading company.

At present, we begin to develop our abroad markets by XUZHOU ORIENT INDUSTRY CO.LTD. which is our branch company. We make the concerning product on Wood Pellet Plant as our main product. And we also develop the Flat Pellet Press, Biomass Briquette Press, comparing with the crafts brothers the life of some wearing spare parts is improved largely. Simultaneously we will cooperate with some good domestic suppliers on Pellet Stove, Solar Heater and Gasifer to meet the European market.

With the customer as our god, we works continually toward improvement, and provide efficiency, productivity and ultimately, profitability with professional consultation, assistance in obtaining approval, engineering, commissioning, installation, and after-sales service to fit the customers' need.

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