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Os-easy free card totally distroyed many restictions, it authorizes students to create personal study environment by system technology,further more, it doesnot affect the whole OS recovery and maintenance. Course designing、graduate designing、different students teaching is not the problem for PC maintanance any more!

New technologies like virtual system、vary clone、singal system and multi channal、multi accounts management、assets management,make os-easy free card to be the new pole of recovery card industry!
  • Create virtual systems at random
    • Virtual system allows to create 512 virtual systems in real protected OS in Client PCs for reserve students' data, creating a virtual system only needs several second, and it doesnot occupy hdd space. The changed data of virtual system will be permanent reserved, and it doesnot affect the real operating system's recovery and protection.
  • Vary clone
    • Without reference to the Client PC's hdd size or data was the same or not, vary clone will realize the Client PC data is all the same with the Master PC. In this process, you can select the whole hdd、one OS、one partition or custom partitions combination mode, and only copy the difference data between the sending and the Client PC.
  • One OS and multi channel OS
    • The one OS multi channels technology allows administrator creating 256 channels OS from one real OS in the Master PC(every channel OS will be with different software installed),and every channel can protect and recovery by itself.
  • Multi accounts management
    • Os-easy card free allows to build multiple accounts for every administrator, different account assigns different operating rights to use recovery card, pc classroom administrator can assign the maintenance rights to others to manage the PC classroom together.
  • Assets management
    • You can control and manage all software、hardware assets of the student PCs, find and deal with it during assets changing.
  • Product module
    • Vertual system module
  • Vary clone module
  • One OS multi channel OS module
  • Assets management module
  • System protect module
  • Classroom management module
  • Master control module

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