Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Product ID: OD-350A

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The straight pressure clamping mechanism causes the template not not easily to distort, the locking force even assignment, guarantees in the mold the precise stable formation. The LCD liquid crystal screen demonstrated that, each kind of function demonstrated is clear about clearly. Screw rod of material pipe manifold special design, high accuracy P. I. D. The temperature control, each section of temperature control is stable, the error is small. The inorganic articulation (sells, axis) the attrition, exempts the lubrication, the non-oil pollution, the service is simple, the service life is long Double shoots the cylinder design, the command projects and the feeding steady peaceful. The ultra big mold column spacing and opens the mold traveling schedule, suits the accommodation large-scale mold.

Unit Screw diameter 65 70 80 mm
Screw L/D ratio L/D 21.5 20 17.5
Theoretical shot volume 1029 1193 1558 cm3
Maximum shot weight (PS) 946 1094 1434 g
Oz 33.4 38.6 50.5
Maximum injection pressure 2227 1920 1470 kg/cm2
Injection rate 307 356 465 cm3/sec
Plasticizing capacity(PS) 148 195 240 kg/hr

Clamping Clamping force ton 357 ton
Unit Opening stroke 1030 mm
Minimum mold thickness 320 mm
Open daylight 1350 mm
Space between tie-bars 665*665 mm
Ejector force ton 7.9 ton


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