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We are committed to printing Shrink Labels, inclusive of Heat Shrink Label, Shrink Film, PVC Labels and other items in popular demand. Shrink wrapping which designed in our workshops by our professional master using the finest standard material by strictly obey the principle and constantly aligning our QA operations with the standards of ISO9001. Clients are fond of our Shrink Label hence the fashionable elements we adopt in it. Besides our Thermal Label and Water Label products are warmly welcomed. We will meet our commitments to our customers steadfastly and appreciate to their patronage! If you have any requirement, we can fully satisfy your needs.
1) Can be used for sealing containers
2) Suitable for packing dairy, medicine and foodstuffs
3) Excellent heat sealing performance for PVC, PET, PS and PP containers
4) Strong sealing and non-leakage, good barrier performance
5) We can produce according to clients' requirements

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