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YWA450 automatic packing machine is developed by our own company which has achieved the advanced international level. It adopts new technology, new craft and new materials to ensure the stability and reliability, especially suitable for packing instant noodles with several seasoning bags.
Suitable for automatic packing of instant noodles, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, frozen food, medicine, soaps, tissues, hardware parts, etc
Mechanical Features:
Modular design, simple mechanical structure and user friendly.
Double-driven vertical sealing system makes sealing smooth and without any defect.
Horizontal sealing can be adjusted vertically to accommodate various packing height.
Product feeding position can be adjusted during running by differential mechanism.
Safety clutch for delicate objects
Electronic features:
Imported PLC control, strong anti-jamming, long service life, reliable operation and input voltage rang is AC 100V-240V.
Imported inverter, rheostat control, infinite variable speed to ensure speed stable and small fluctuation.
Imported temperature control meter, double LED display, fault alarm lights and running instructions. Temperature control of high precision, small fluctuation (± 1 degree), long service life, suitable for various work environments.
Imported leak-protective switch is used. 30mA leakage current can be shut off to ensure personal safety and overload current can be shut off to protect the electric components.
Adopt imported photo sensor with high precision and strong anti-interference. Tracing cam and sensor can be adjusted easily.
Main motor inverter has alarm function. Once the overload, over-current and other failures occur, these signals will be sent to the PLC by inverter to shut off the machine. Inverter reset and machine start are not allowed to avoid accidents.
Loop ring is used in the heating system. Precise temperature test, short heating time, small energy consumption and long service life.
General technical parameters: the following part for your reference; can be changed for special using as per your request.

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