High-speed PE-RT/PP-R/PB One Step PE-Xb Pipe production line(plastic machinery,plastic extruder)

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Name:High-speed PE-RT/PP-R/PB One Step PE-Xb Pipe Set
Category:Plastics Machinery

Product details
High-speed extruder adopts notched barrel with forced cooling transportation zone and shielded or reaction screw with special mixing structure, ensuring high-speed and efficient extrusion for polyolefines;
Specially structured die head surmounts stress orientation of polymer chain during forming pipe, making that good physical and chemical properties of polyolefines be copied into the pipe;
Vacuum calibrating tank adopts high quality calibrating mandrel of copper alloy with combined water immerging with multi-sheet or water screen that the company has the proprietary intellectual property rights included invention patents, practical new patents, realized the cooling calibrating evenly and effectively for plastic pipe, ensuring high speed production of the pipe;
High-speed flat belt pulling machine with multi-group roll wheel adopts originally imported frequency inverter, making pulling of high-speed steady and reliable, thoroughly subverting the vibration and slipping during high-speed pulling in the traditional mode of rubber blocks;
The entire production line adopts the originally imported new control system of PCC programmable computer, guaranteed highly steadily reliable controls of the production line;
The production speed for ¢20mm of pipe may reach up to 30m/min.

Line Screw L/D Production Production Speed Total
Model Diameter Scope Power
SJ-80/33 φ80 mm 33:01:00 φ16-63 mm Max 30 m/min 145 KW
  • certificate
    • CE&ISO9001-2000

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