Spin Welding machine

Product ID: PU-MS800

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Spin welding machine is design for plastic tube, filter and variery of circular product welding.
  • Size
    • L850 x W650 x H1980 mm
  • Weight
    • 300kgs
  • Capacity
    • 10~15pcs./1min.
  • Avaiable
    • Suitable for use with PE, PP, nylon, PET or other materials.
  • Torque
    • Hight torque ranges from 1HP to 50HP.
  • Construction
    • Solid construction avoids vibration and kickback during idling.
  • Choose equipment
    • Edge trim system and fixed position system can be easily atached.
  • Experience
    • Production and maintenance experience for more than 600 units.

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