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This series of machine is used to cut the roll paper into paper sheets. It adopts advanced technology of British and it is driven by AC servo motor, the Max. cutting speed can reach 300 cuts /min. And it can cut 6 paper rolls once at most. It is also equipped with automatic deflection rectification and antistatic device. The paper feeding and conveying section are automatic with the hydraulic system. The human and machine interface system could make operation become much easier and more convenient. This machine is the paper processing machine which is very popular in the paper making and printing industry and will improve the efficiency and benefit for you company to a large extent.
  • folio sheeter
    • Model: CHM-1400/1700/1900
  • Type of cutting: Upper blade rotary,lower blade fixed.
  • Weight of paper: 60-550GSM
  • Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm around
  • Max. Cutting speed: 300sheets/min.
  • Max. Cutting meter speed: 300m/min
  • Cutting length range: 450-1450mm
  • Max. Diameter of reel: 1800mm
  • Paper stack height: 1300mm
  • Max. Width of cutting paper: 1400mm/1700mm/1900mm
    • Chinese paper sheeting machine

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