Color Paperless Recorder

Product ID: VX8000

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VX8000R color screen paperless recorder supports max 40 channels of universal input. It can input many signals such as standard electric current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt , thermocouple,thermal resistance and so on. It has the function of sensor isolated electronic division outputting, relay alarm outputting, transition outputting , temperature and pressure compensation, historical data uploading, printing and remote communication function.
  • Color display
    • 10.4-inch and 640*480 TFT high brightness color LCD, CCFL backlighting, Brightcolour and wide view.
  • The brightness of the screen can be adjusted freely.
    • Analog inputs
      • The paperless recorder can be internally equipped with 1 to 40 analog inputs. Can receive 4-20mv,1-5v, thermocouple (S,B,K,T,E,J,R,N,WRE,F1,F2) resistance thermometer( Pt100, Cu50, Cu53, BA1,BA2), 0-20mV, 0-100mV, 0-10mA, 0-5v,0-350Ωand other analog signals
    • Recording capacity
      • approx 26,000 measurements per channel . Different storage rates , ranging from 1 sec to 4 min, determinates the recording duration capacity, ranging from 72 hours to 720 days
    • Precision
      • 0.2% full scale;
    • Electrical relay output
      • The paperless recorder can be internally equipped with 1 to 8 electrical relay output.
  • Power supply
    • 220VAC ,50Hz ?Hz
  • Communication
    • ◆Standard serial communication interface: RS-485 and RS-232C.
  • ◆10M Ethernet ,standard RJ45 interface.
  • ◆Standard Modbus communication protocol.
    • Input
      • Completely isolated and universal input
    • Alarm Output
      • Display each channel's LL alarm , L alarm, H alarm and HH alarm. And can list last 15 alarm.
    • Memory
      • Using large capacity FLASH internal memory to storage historical data will not loose the data even if power-off.
    • 32 bit Microprocessor of high speed and performance makes response time of the screen less than 0.5s.

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