Color Paperless Recorder VX6000

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VX6000R 12 channels of universal input color screen paperless recorder can input signals such as standard electric current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple,thermal resistance and so on. It has the function of sensor isolated electronic division outputting, relay alarm outputting, transition outputting, flow rate accumulate, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data uploading printing and remote communication.
  • Color display
    • 320*240 pixel, LCD
  • Analog inputs
    • The paperless recorder can be internally equipped with 1 to 12 analog inputs. Can receive 4-20mv,1-5v, thermocouple (S,B,K,T,E,J,R,N,WRE,F1,F2) resistance thermometer( Pt100, Cu50, Cu53, BA1,BA2), 0-20mV, 0-100mV, 0-10mA, 0-5v,0-350Ωand other analog signals
  • Recording capacity
    • Approx 26,000 measurements per channel . Different storage rates , ranging from 1 sec to 4 min, determinates the recording duration capacity, ranging from 72 hours to 720 days
  • Precision
    • 0.2% full scale
  • Electrical relay output
    • The paperless recorder can be internally equipped with 1 to 8 electrical relay output. 220VAC 3A
  • System
    • 32 bit Microprocessor of high speed and performance makes response time of the screen little than 0.2s,and can realize detection, record, display, and alarm for 12 channels of signals.
  • ◆Imported 5.6 inch and 320*240 pixels TFT high brightness color LCD , CCFL backlighting, clear screen and wide view. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted freely.
  • ◆Isolated and universal input enables various signal inputting by software configuration without jumpping.
  • ◆Switching power can work normally, ranging from 85VAC to 265VAC.
  • ◆Integrated hardware and real-time clock makes the clock run accurately even if it's power-off.
  • ◆Supply +24VDC isolated electronic distribution.
  • ◆Aluminum sealed outcase and Shielding plates allows the instrument to be used in harsh environment.
  • ◆Using large capacity FLASH internal memory to storage historical data will not loose the data even if power-off.
  • ◆12 relays can output alarm.
    • signals
      • ◆Can input various standard signals such as Fr, 20mA, 5V, S , B, K, T, E, J, R, N, P1100, Cu50, CU53, BA1, BA2, 350Ω, 20mV, 100mV,10mA,WRe,F1 and F2.
    • ◆The Accuracy of the signal full range is ?.2%.
    • ◆All channels are isolated.
    • ◆supply isolated electronic distribution.
    • ◆supply standard output of 4~20mA.
      • Software
        • ◆Display 5 digits engineer value:-9999~19999.
      • ◆Display alarm and instructs every channel's LL alarm, L alarm, H alarm and HH alarm. And can record the last 15 items of alarm information.
      • ◆flow rate accumulation .
      • ◆Max 4 groups of temperature and pressure compensation. support many types of compensation models. For example, common compensation models such as superheated steam, saturated steam and pressure compensation.
      • ◆Support Vacuum Scientific number scale displaying
      • ◆The form feeding way of the trend can be set horizontal or vertical.
      • ◆Every four groups of trends can combine freely to display, and can define the color freely.
        • Communication
          • ◆Standard serial communication interface:RS-485 and RS-232C.
        • ◆10M Ethernet standard RJ45 interface.
        • ◆Support standard ModbusRTU communication protocol and standard ModbusTCP communication protocol.
        • ◆Use USB interface to upload and backup historical data. It supports USB disk of 256M~2G.
        • ◆Support FAT16/FAT32 file system,.
        • ◆Supports manual printing and timed automatic printing.
          • Output specifications
          • Electronic distribution: 12 channels for electronic distribution,4 groups for 24VDC output, the output current is 60mA per group.
          • 12channels of configurable relay output, and the contact capacity is 3A and 250VAC(resistance carrying) which is default normally open.
          • Max 4 channels can be transmitted and output, with 4~20mADC and carried resistance less than 600Ω.

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