hand sanitizer

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We main produce and export hand sanitizer,hand gel,hand liquid soap,Wet wipes,face mask,Soap flower,Soap paper,Transparent soap,Crayon soap, Bath fizzle,Bath salt,Cream,body butter,Lotion,Shower gel,bath pearls,bath beads,bath oil,massage oil,Shampoo,conditioner,cosmetics,hotel disposable,hotel soap,aviation sets,travel kits,etc.
(1)Bath Fizzle: tablet fizzle/ball fizzle/pearl bath fizzle/bath salt/character shape fizzle/pear salt/bath beads.
(2)Soaps: Paper soap/crayon soap/gel soap/liquid soap/candy soap/transparent soap/normal soap;
(3)Bath paints for kids/bubble bath/shower gel, shampoo/ 2 in 1 shampoo &
conditioner/3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash/hand wash, foot care items and so on;
(4)Personal beauty products: Lotion/cream/body butter/hand lotioon/massage oil/bath oil/bath oil beads,and so on.
(5)the sanitizing liquid and toilet deodorizer
(6) Bath giftsets.
(7)hand sanitizer,face mask and wet wipes.
ODM and OEM are warmly welcome!

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hand sanitizer , crayon soap,Wet wipes, Soap ,shower gel,bath set