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As an API licenced products, our pumps include anti-sand pump, integral barrel suck rod pump, hydraulic feedback sucker rod pump, pump for inclined oilfield etc.

Our pump is featured by multi-function, long service life, and easy operation.General description is as follows.
  • Anti-sanding pump with long plunger
    • Working Principle:
  • The plunger move within the full length of barrel during the operation, which prevent the sand entering into pump and make the sand and grain particle sink into the sand receiving pipe beneath the pump.
    • Regular Sucker Rod Pump with One Pi
      • 1) Material:
    • barrel :#45 carbon steel
    • plunger #45 carbon steel
    • valve: stainless steel
    • 2) Standard: API Spec 11AX
    • 3) Structure:
    • a) nick-phosphor plating barrel
    • b) thermo-fusion welted plunger
    • c) special valve design of upper oil outlet and valve cover
      • Hydraulic Feedback Sucker Rod Pump
        • the pump consists of two different types barrel, which connect with plunger. According to hydraulic feedback principle, when elevating the plunger, the pump will form the gas injection channels to start the injection process.
      • When descending the plunger, the downward force will decrease the friction between viscous oil and sucker rod, to avoid the falling of sucker rod
        • Anti-corrosion Sucker Rod Pump with
          • 1) Material:
        • barrel :#45 carbon steel
        • plunger #45 carbon steel
        • ball valve: 9Cr18Mo
        • 2) Structure:
        • a) barrel was plating anti-corrosion alloy material
        • b) fittings of plunger assembly, and barrel coupling are made of stainless steel
        • c) unique structure: double flow valve and fixed valve
        • 4) special material of valve seat to enhance its anti-corrosion, hardness and impact strength
          • Sucker Rod Pump for Inclined Well
            • Features:
          • by the forced centering and guiding function from the unique designed upper and down flow valve and fixed valve, the pump's valve ball is closed automatically.
          • This function will solve many problems, like the lag of valve ball closing, falling of valve ball on the deviated well.
          • Meanwhile, it also can enhance the service life and improve pump efficiency.
  • ISO9001:2000 API Spec 11AX-0078

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