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Good hygienic performance
"huijia Type Three PP-R waster supply pipes and fittings are hygienic and toxin-free,Raw & auxiliary
materials are safe and meet with hygienic quality of the products is guaranteed.The inspection and
test done by Hygiene and Epidemic Prevention Authority shows that the products meet with national
food hygienic standards.The products are green construction materials and can be used in drinkable
water piping systems."
Well shaped and light.
"The products possess smooth internal and external walls,small fluidity resistance,mild color and
good ashape.The weight is 1/8 of metalic pipes.They are convenient in transportation and installation.
The products have good insulation performance and are energy saving.The products have good insulation
performance and are energy saving.The thermal conductivity is 1/20 of metallic pipes and the pipes have
extremely good insulation and energy saving effect when used as hot water pipes."
Good thermal resistance
"The pipes can be used for a long time when working water temperature is 70℃.
The temperature for short use can reach 95℃ and softening temperature is 140℃."
Pressure resistance
Max.nominal pressure:3.2Mpa.
Good corrosion resistance
  • Main type of cooperation
    • looking for agents and can provide OEM process for the big clients all over the world.
  • Product standard
    • Din8077-8078
  • Product pressure grade
    • PN25MPa
  • Production temperature
    • -40°C ~ +95°C
  • Product colors
    • Green, White, Gray or Any Colors Required by Clients.
  • Product dimensions
    • 20 - 160mm
  • Applications
    • Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities.
  • ISO9001:2000

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