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1 Server+mustation = 30pcsTerminal Users or more, MuStation is based on the host computer ,share the information resources with the host , one host can serve up to 10 network PC share terminals (Windows 2000/2003 server edition can serve up to 30 terminals), each user can visit host resources safely,independently and synchronously. Could you have a try! we can do for you! For example , there are 10 staffs in your company, only need to purchase I set standard computer , the rest (9) user only need to user thin client MuStation . MuStation is rather lower than a standard computer.
MUSTATION is a terminal without CPU,hard disk,enabling users to surf the Internet,play games, and can realize Internet application of ASP,instant Messenger,Private E-mail, and office suites software,photo manager software,multimedia software and so on with no need to purchase standard host .
  • Mustation 500A
    • MusStation 501A network PC share is upgraded based on MusStation 300A by adding USB ports and is more convenient to save data . It looks great, and functions more excellently.
  • Primary Competitive Advantages::
    • 1. "Green" Product with Best competitive Price and International Approvals
  • 2. Unique/Military Specifications with Guarantee/Warranty
  • 3. Prompt Delivery and Friendly Service
  • 4. OEM and ODM are welcome
  • 5. Small/trial Orders Accepted
    • Primary Competitive Advantages::
      • 6. portable, support remote visit,
    • 7. full-function, high security ,convenient to manage
    • 8. easy to install,use,maintain & save lots of software,hardware buying costs,upgrading costs,using costs
    • 9. non-noise,environmental protection ,98% electronic fees saving ,occupying space
    • 10. Professional R&D

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