PTC heaters

PTC heaters

PTC heater with shell

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PTC heater with insulation film is composed of PTC stone, electrode,lead and insulation film,it highlights in: thermostat is required,

2.rapid heatup,

3.automatic control of temperature,


It applies to Heater Fan, Hair Curler, Drying Machines, Hair Dryer, Hot melt glue gun, Foot warmer, diesel / fuel heater, Iron, hair straightener, electronic appliances etc.
Normal size: (Customized products are available)

Size(mm) Votage Resistance Power Temperature
35x6x3.2 110-220V 400-600 40w 190℃
35x10x3.2 110-220V 400-600 80w 190℃
35x6x3.2 110-220V 400-600 40w 250℃
35x7x3.2 110-220v 400-600 80w 250℃

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