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Our product ,Putian Tongle active humic acid organic fertilizer is a high-tech product which take natural substances,rich of humic acid ,as its raw materail,and is manufactured with the treatment of oxidation, activation and purification.Putian Tongle fertilizer contains a great amount of active biotic substance, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, potassium (K) and many trace elements, and possesses the advantages of both farm manure and chemical fertilizers without poison, harm and pollution.
  • Organic compound fertilizer
    • Organic humic acid compound mixed fertilizer
  • Specification
  • Nutrient (N-P2O5-K2O): 30%
  • Humic acid (dry base): 25%
  • Organic matter(dry base ) : 30%
  • PH: 5.5-8.0
  • MOISTURE : 15%
  • Package:25Kg/P.P. Bag
  • Appearance :Black Powder /black brown granule
  • Special package are acceptabled
  • Organic compound fertilizer
    • function:
  • (A) Balance the nutrient
  • (B) Improve the utilance percent of fertilizer
  • (C) Improving the ability to resist disease and weather
  • (D)Accelerate the growth of plant
  • (E)modify the soil
  • (F) Improve the growth of microorganism

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