automatic eyelet punching machine

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Automatic eyelet punching machine is the latest type of punching equipment by our corporate independent research and development , with a number of domestic patents ,which can be used to all kinds of paper and plastic shopping bags 、 soft plastic materials 、all kinds of carpets and tents for punching eyelets (buckle) . The eyelet punching machineries contain one or two head manual eyeleting machine 、single-hole manual drilling machine 、multi-location drilling machine、pneumatic and 220 V mechanical two and four head automatic eyelet punching machines. It can complete punching one- four eyelets one time , playing buckle job, automatic feeding, automatic counting, pneumatic and mechanical control of two type of operation systems .It adopts linear bearing rail technology to adjust the eyelets distance range conveniently, It only needs one second to finish a handbag of punching eyelets work . Compared to the current general machine, which is not faster and more efficient ,but safer and more reliable .which guarantees the outstanding performance of the machine. This machine is not only easy to use and operate , but also greatly reduces labor intensity and labor-saving, It is the first tool of choice for external processing factory and the manufacturers of shopping bags 、soft plastic materials 、tents and carpets that want to improve its production efficiency .
The technical parameter :
  • automatic feeding and counting
  • it uses all kinds of handbags
  • it can punch 4 eyelets one time
  • it only needs 220V power

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