ozone generator for swimming  pool

ozone generator for swimming pool

ozone generator for swimming pool sterilization

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SCF Series Ozone Generators are Used in Swimming Pool Sterilization

The ozone gas is injected into circulating water in the swimming pool by injector which is installed on side stream tube. Outlet water from injector reacts to ozone in reaction tank or static mixer for a while and then the intermixture flows into main pipeline of circulating water in the swimming pool. The water in side stream tube is mixed with ozone to become ozone water with high concentration. Then ozone water is mixed with water in main pipeline so that it will bring the best sterilization effect. This series products with advanced technological design, simple operation, stable and reliable performance can reach the technical level of overseas similar products.

Features: 1. Reliable gas supply system can ensure long-term and stable operation of the machine.2. The output of ozone can be regulated within the scope from 10-100%. 3. Automation or manual control 4. Carry on ozone, gas and water mixed integration design according to the demands of users.5. Convenient installation and simple operation.

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