Backhoe loader

Product ID: WZ25-20

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WZ 25-20 Specification
Loading bucket capacity 1.15 m3
Rated load capacity 2000kg
Max. Breakout force 49KN
Max. Traction 38kn
Tipping load 32KN
IForward I gear shift 0-11km/h
II Forward II gear shift 0-27km/h
I Reverse I gear shift 0-10km/h
II Reverse II gear shift 0-26km/h
Dumping height 2600mm

Dumping reach when at max. Dumping height 880mm
Capacity of excavator bucket 0.2-0.3 m3
Max. Excavating depth 4100mm
Max. Excavating radius 5000mm
Revolute angle of movable arm 180°
Engine 4102
Rated power 50kw
Rated speed 2400r/min
(/)Max. Steering angle 35°
Grade ability 45%
Min. Turning radius (front wheel center) 4190mm
Operation weight 6400kg
(**) Size(L*W*H) 7500mm*2100mm*2700mm
.Backhoe loader WZ25-20

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