runpu PCI telephone recording card

runpu PCI telephone recording card

PCI telephone recoring card,USB telephone recorder,answering machine,voice recording

Product ID: PCI card,USB record

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Runpu is a professional telephone voice recording system developer and manufacturer. We developed global unique PBX-Trunk-Extension-Recording technique in which can record all incoming/out coming calls of all extensions.

Runpu is located in Silicon Valley Technology Park in Beijing, which is an important national technical park and owns a lot of experienced technicians. With many years' developing, we have first researched recording telephones by ourselves, which can record your communication. We always put the quality of products in the first position and high stability is our core brand value. Although we have No.1 quantity of users in China, we only need to provide very small mount of services. Our products are extremely stable.

We provide recording telephone(built-in chips), telephone voice recording card and system, telephone recording instrument, USB port telephone recording box and system, call center, caller ID display(caller CRM), telephone headset. With the fast developing, we will provide you with good productions of high quality, high technology, reasonable price. Our recording productions have been universally used in many realms, such as government departments, military affairs, communications and securities and so on. Our productions are also popular with foreign clients.

We believe that Quality is No.1, our clients are gods. We hope that our productions will make your work and everyday life very successful, very easy! To be our partner, your best choice!
  • Multi- port PCI recording card
    • telehone voice recording card/system
  • CE&FCC has approved
  • Record Telephone Conversations for all the times
  • Playback through PC Speakers
  • Able to convert to standard Wave or MP3 file Format
  • Control by PC interface
  • Query by Date, Time File Size Comments.
  • User definable right for Administration purpose
  • Real time Monitoring phone conversation
  • Record all incoming and outgoing telephone number
    • answering machine,recording phone
      • Record instantly and separately, no need of computers
    • Super long recording time, the more space on the chip, the longer the recording time
    • Record on chip and then backup on the computer. Easy to search or listen to the recorded files on the phone or on the compute
      • USB recorder,telephone recording
      • New Version Of Digital Telephone
        • o need computer, the voice files can be saved on its chip.
      • New Version Of Digital Telephone Recorder(one line)with built-in storage capacity that can keep and saves all the phone record at it own storage media.
        • RP-RK4000 voice recording device
          • 8channels telehone voice recording card/system
        • CE&FCC has approved
        • Allows you to record important phone conversations for 8 channels of phone line.
  • RP-RL1000 USB recording recorder
    • hard disk of 40G able to record 7000 hours.
  • Monitor real-time call circumstance of any line;
  • Can query any record on the computer or Internet ;
    • RP-RF1000 Digital Telephone Record
      • it work individual and just connect to PCs USB Ports when require to listen, backup or transfer the record files. It offers more flexibility to the users!
    • Recorder With playback
      • Digital Telephone recorder with built-in storage capacity that can keep and saves all the phone record at its own storage media.
    • It equips with 1GB Compact Flash Card that saves up to 140 hours of records.
      • RP-RK5000 16 port recording card
        • It can work with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and 2003, CPU requirement at least 800 MHZ, 20 G hard drive free capacilty, 256 MB memory and at least VGA 800 x 600 monitor.
      • RP-RL3000 4 port USB recorder
        • Runpu RL3000 telephone voice recording system is 4 channel digital recording system that designed for telephone record application user. It includes hardware and software. And user can use it directly no need to develop software anymore.
  • CE
  • FCC

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