electric hammer drill bits

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Hammer drill bits
Types: 9
1), SDS-PLUS hammer drill bits
2), SDS-PLUS S4 (double flutes/dual spiral) hammer drill bits
3), 4 cutting edges SDS-PLUS hammer drill bits (cross tip)
4), SDS-MAX hammer drill bits (2 kinds)
5), 1/2" Hex hammer drill bits
6), cylinder masonry drill bits
7), SDS-PLUS Square hammer drill bits
8), 3 cutting edges SDS-PLUS hammer drill bits
The material of the body: high-quality alloy steel (40 Cr)
The material of the tip: YG8C (carbide)
Tech data: (up to your requirements)
Diameter: 3mm ------ 38 mm
Length: 85mm -----1200mm
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Sand blasted, plated with zinc, nickel, chrome and black oxide
Making holes on hard materials, such as: marble, concrete and granite, and was widely used in the industry of construction & installation.
.fast drilling
  • ISO9001:2000

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