RF modules (433/868/915MHz data transceiver)

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433/868/915MHz data transceiver mdoule for Serial (UART data) to RF in industrial application with high reliability and stability.
Products Main Features:
*Carrier frequency: 433M, 450M, 670M, 868M, 915MHz or ISM others.
*IC: cc1020,High SINAD;
*Maximum data rate: 38.4Kbps
*Nakedness and small size, suit for embedding;
*Narrowband and anti-jamming commendably;
*Transparent data interface, suitable for any standard or non-standard user protocols;
*Auto filtration of false data produced in the air, and able to transmit long data frames;
*Good reliability for long-time use, low failure rate, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
* Provide rich interface: standard: RS-232/TTL/RAS-485;
* Interface format: 8N1/8E1 user-defined, or customization for other format interface;
* 8 channels, expandable for 16/32 channels according to requirements of customers;
* Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
* Integration of receiving and transmitting and half duplex;
* Modulating method: GFSK
* Low power consumption and sleep function;
* Operation Temperature: -35 to 75 C.
* Impedance:50&Omega(SMA antenna port, multiple antenna options available);
* Complying with EN 300220 and ARIB STD-T67;

Applications areas:
* Automatic meter reading (AMR) and home automation;
* Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA);
* Remote control,industry data collection;
* Monitoring of remote systems
* Production reporting of active systems
* Wireless remote control alarm, Wireless sensor;
* Sports training & competition;
* Wireless POS, PAD, wireless smart terminal;
* Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
  • Frequency
    • 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz optional
  • RF transmission Power(RF output)
    • 10mw/10dbm;
  • 500mw/27dBm
    • RF IC
      • CC1020
    • Operation Temperature
      • -35 to 75 C
    • Size
      • 47x26x10mm
  • Baud rate
    • 200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps optional
  • interface
    • RS-232/TTL/RAS-485

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